Our Story

Master Jeweller Lee Volk and his team of jewellers, setters and polishers utilize both traditional craftsmanship and new technological advances to produce jewellery of the highest quality.

Having a fully equipped workshop onsite in our Toowoomba store, along with access to a comprehensive range of metal and gemstones allows us the freedom to design beautiful custom pieces for our clientele. Anytime you visit our store you will meet with a team member who can assist you with design and explore with you all available options. 

In addition to providing unique custom designs we deliver a range of services including jewellery repairs, restorations and remodelling. Whether it is a simple re-join of a chain or a full re-build of a treasured ring we are always here to help. We clean delicate jewellery to restore its original sparkle, supply and set missing stones, re-size rings, rhodium plate white gold, re-string pearls and service watches.

About Lee Volk

Master Jeweller Lee Volk’s passion as a jeweller began with his apprenticeship under the guidance of a prominent Toowoomba jeweller many years ago, Lee quickly developed a high degree of skill for the jewellery craft and established his own workshop.

Lee Volk’s Toowoomba Jewellery Workshop is one of the largest jewellery workshops in South East Queensland and prides itself on providing exquisite, high quality workmanship under the direction of Lee himself.

Today Lee continues to work one on one with customers to create unique and inspiring pieces which will, undoubtedly, become heirlooms for future generations. Lee has also expanded into additional retail store fronts across Queensland and New South Wales.